About the Journal

The Journal of Kipchak Studies

The Journal of Kipchak Studies is a dedicated academic platform focusing on the comprehensive exploration of the Kipchak language and its multifaceted cultural, historical, and literary significance. Our scope encompasses a broad range of topics including linguistic analysis, historical perspectives, cultural heritage, literature, and interdisciplinary approaches to Kipchak studies.

Mission and Goals: Our mission is to advance knowledge, foster academic discourse, and promote scholarly exchange in the field of Kipchak studies. We aim to bridge gaps in understanding and provide new insights into the Kipchak world, contributing significantly to the broader field of Eurasian studies.

Target Audience: The journal caters to a diverse audience of scholars, researchers, and students in linguistics, history, cultural studies, and other humanities disciplines, as well as professionals with a keen interest in Kipchak studies.

Types of Content: We welcome original research articles, critical reviews, theoretical discussions, case studies, and occasional special issues focusing on specific themes within Kipchak studies.

Peer-Review Process: Committed to academic integrity, the Journal of Kipchak Studies employs a rigorous peer-review process, ensuring that all published works meet the highest standards of scholarly excellence.

Editorial Board: Our editorial board comprises distinguished scholars and experts in the field of Kipchak studies, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the journal.

Publication Frequency: The journal is published biannually, facilitating a steady flow of high-quality academic contributions to the field.

We utilize the Open Journal Systems (OJS) to manage our journal. For more information about OJS, please refer to this page.